Monday, July 26, 2010

Time spent online

I struggle almost daily with how much time is really needed online.  It seems that once I get on the computer it's like a snowball effect and the next thing I know, I've been online for hours.  My daughter and I watched a great movie the other day.  We were discussing how new the Internet was back then.  I told her that I remember not wanting to get the Internet when I first heard about it because I thought it would be too much of a distraction.  Now here it is, thirteen years later and I feel that it is a distraction. 

I love to find inspiration on here by reading other blogs and I love the communities that I am a part of.  But what happens when life gets so busy that there isn't time.  How do you catch up on the blogs you've missed?  I find myself in constant battle as to if and when I should turn on the computer.  Will it turn into one of those mornings where I get caught up in the online world?  Don't I have enough to do in the real world?  Sometimes I find that it is like a fantasy or an adventure to keep up with people's blogs and then follow the path to another blog, then another before I know it I have spent time traveling through other people's lives and have lost valuable time in mine.  What are the kids doing while I spend this time on a faraway adventure and why aren't I leading them on an adventure? 

My intention this morning was to type up another daybook, but these words just came out.  I am beginning to hate my blackberry.  I find that I am addicted to the red light.  Once it begins flashing I have to find out why.  Is it an email, text?  I find myself longing for the old phones with no other function but phone calls.  Is this crazy?  How often do my children see me with a screen in front of my face and what kind of example is this? 

I need to spend some time in deep prayer about this because I really feel God calling me to more time away from this beautiful tool of the Internet world to spend more time living in my world with my beautiful family. 

Wow, I didn't see this coming this morning. I am still going to type up my daybook, but now with a much clearer mind!  Thanks be to God.

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