Monday, July 5, 2010

"I'm not a little kid anymore..."

This morning I actually got to go for a walk all alone, for awhile.  My almost 8 year old decided to meet me at the park to play while I walked the track.  After walking back to my street to meet her at the end, we headed back to the park.  I walked around once while she played and then she joined me at the path. 

Me: "Would you like to walk with me?" 

Her: "Yes, I forgot I'm not a little kid anymore."

Me: "You are very big now."

Her: "Yes, I forgot I'm not little kid anymore and so I can't play at the park without friends." 

I agreed and told her that it was a lot of fun to play with friends.  Then I laughed to myself and saw her as a much bigger kid than I had before.  She is growing quickly...Time goes fast.

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Neen said...

She is so cute! and grown up.