Monday, July 5, 2010

B17- Bomber

We were invited by our wonderful neighbors to head to a local airport to see a B-17 Bomber.  My husband and I jumped at the chance to show our girls this old, beautiful plane.  When we pulled up to the airport I noticed all the firetrucks out with their lights on.

 I got a little anxious, but everything looked okay so far.  We quickly found our friends and headed over to the huge plane for pictures.  While we were out there we found out that the firetrucks were there for a plane who was having a little difficulty with his landing gear.  I really didn't want my children to see anything so I watched the sky the whole time we were there.  I was praying frantically while we watched our friend line up with the others and the pilots. 

Then we watched them load up and take off. 

We never saw the plane land, but heard from our neighbors that the firetrucks were gone so everything must have turned out okay.  Thanks be to God!! 
Our friend's flight lasted about 30 minutes and he enjoyed it so much.  So did we.  We also went to feed the ducks at the pond at the airport which turned out to be a lot of fun for our little guy.  He loved throwing food to the ducks.  I think he might have some baseball in his future...

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Neen said...

I remember that time when Jason and I were in a plane that was brought down that same way. So frightening. I am glad your kiddos didn't have to see anything that would have scared them.