Monday, February 9, 2009

Where is the love?

I try not to watch the news. I find that it makes me so sad and I start to wonder about people and how such horrible things can happen. I also find that it is at these times that I should be praying and tend to put that off, to watch these horrible stories. What happened to the times when it was unspeakable to leave your wife, or unheard of to live together in sin. When did "we" become okay with looking the other way and letting the innocence be ripped from our lives while we just sit idly by and let it take over the TV. I remember being able to watch shows with my parents. Now, there are NO shows on at night that I would let my children watch.

Is it a wonder that people don't know how to love anymore. There is no one out there showing them how real love is. It is hard work, lots of fun, and more hard work. People have become so self absorbed that they think that everything in life should be easy, and that the grass is always greener. All you find is that when you leave one relationship for another, you just have different problems. Life is a struggle, full of self sacrificing. Just think of how much stronger a marriage is when it is lived with the real love and lasts forever. I find that my feelings for my husband are so much stronger than 16 years ago when we married. I had no idea that I could feel this strongly and it just grows more and more. When we go through struggles, it just keeps growing once we work them out. We are so close and it's because we make it through the hard times.

I don't know exactly what brought this all on, maybe it's the upcoming holiday, that celebrates something so far from love. It doesn't matter what present I get, it's the true love of my husband that brings me the most joy and not just on Feb. 14, but everyday!!

I love you, Brian, more and more everyday!!!

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