Thursday, November 20, 2008


So for the last few weeks, months, whatever...I have been feeling like I have been praying inadequately. Not so much that I don't spend time in prayer. Throughout each day I offer up all my prayers as the days go by, but I haven't been spending enough prayer time just listening. Because of this, and the craziness of my life lately, I felt called to get "order" back into my home and spend more time with just He and I. That would be great if that were His plan as well. I spent all weekend rereading A Mother's Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot. First things first are to get your prayer life scheduled and one for your children. Well I got right to it and was doing wonderfully working around the schedule and then my father had to have surgery. We brought him home from the hospital and my children collapsed into their beds and fell right to sleep and I thought, for a brief second, "oh no, they didn't say good night prayers." Then it hit me. My whole day had been in prayer. I was the one there sacrificing all to be there for my mother and father. My children had given up their mother for the day so that I could be there to love and support my parents. What an incredible lesson for us to all learn. So even though I didn't get to say my "prayers," I was in prayer all day. By living the life He has called me to and by saying yes when He asks. My wants have been to be alone with Him, but He is obviously saving that for another time. Once again calling me to self abandonment. What peace I had that night going to bed and surprisingly enough, I had time to be alone with Him. Even if it was brief as I fell off to sleep.

Pray where you are, don't wait for it to be the right time. Right now IS the right time. It doesn't have to be formal or ornate. Just spend time with Him where you are, wherever that may be. God bless!!

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Neen said...

What you described is true prayer. I think that is how Mary prayed. Each minute of Jesus young life she lives loving Him. Her motherhood was her prayer. Her visit with Elizabeth was a prayer with Jesus inside. Thanks for the reminder. I hope dad is well.