Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Raising Saints

WOW! What an incredible and special vocation we have. As I was yelling at my wonderful child who made an innocent mistake making dinner because she didn't listen and obey me, I heard God say "You are raising saints!" I had to stop and realize that my screaming at her would not get her to Heaven. So I calmly explained the mistake and reemphasized that she needed to obey me, even when she didn't agree or understand. Why is it so hard for them to obey and why do we lose our patience so easily? Because there are ones who don't want us to become saints and so they are waiting for the perfect moment to attack. They can't come in however unless we let them in. So don't let your guards down, even for a moment. Pray in those moments to your angel, and let him help you battle. We can't do it alone.

We don't have a choice with our children. They are ours for only a little while and we are completely responsible. What an awe inspiring thought to realize. After this realization, I have come to find patience easier. I have come to love these souls that have been chosen just for me. How blessed are we that we have received these gifts and how many people miss out on all of this because they don't truly understand. You were chosen by Him for these souls. Why were we chosen, because we were open to His will. I have been able, in the last few days, to come to this understanding and realize that they truly were created in His image, and so was I and I better act like it. The only way to be His image is to be truly present with Him each day, all day. The way to do that is through prayer. Pray often and be fruitful. Spend time listening to Him through your children. It's amazing how well we can hear Him when it comes through our children. Love them for who they are and love you for who you are.

Pray for all of the people out there who aren't open to life and who don't realize these gifts. Pray that they come to fully understand before it's too late.

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Neen said...

God talks to me through my children all the time. I often can see the church in my relationship with my children. I love my mother church and I know she loves my faith. My only hope of heaven is that my children will pray for me.
Great post, Julie!