Friday, November 7, 2008

Finding what you need in the Eucharist

All of us who are still in shock are wondering "What now?" We need to have faith! When we question something in life, we can find ALL the answers we need in one place here on earth. It is THE place where Heaven joins us all lowly and brings us the ONLY thing we truly need. So go to Him when you are weary and week. Go to Him for nourishment and support. Go to Him whenever you can, just Go to Him. He sits there waiting for us daily and is so happy to see us come. Our priest today at Holy Mass was a visiting priest and he made such an honest thought of him as a child. He said he worked so hard to earn money for a pair of pants that he wanted, but would he have ever worked so hard to get to mass? Why is it that we take the greatest gift ever given for granted? What would we do without it? What if we run out of priests because we don't want to give up the thought of grandchildren, or because we wouldn't want our son to give up so much in life?

Find the gift that is the Eucharist and go, go, go! Spend time with Christ as often as you can. Pray with Him, plead with Him, thank Him for all you have. For without Him it wouldn't be yours!!!

While reading about Mother Angelica and the amazing journey she went through to build EWTN, I read about how she would sit in adoration and ask for the conversion of all those souls driving by the church. Many people would stop, not knowing why. They would just come in and say "something made me pull in here." What an amazing power He has when we are willing to listen!

Now, I also need to spend more time with Him, so these thoughts are as much for me as for anyone else who is reading this. Peace be with you all and may you find it in the Eucharist!

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