Friday, October 24, 2008

The Magic of...

We just returned from a wonderful whirlwind of a trip to Disney World. Now my childhood memories of Disney are magical, wonderful memories. My children's memories will be magical and wonderful as well. However, the whole time there I felt a constant tugging of wanting more. I had to constantly stop and thank God for all that I had. I should have just felt so wonderful just being there. Not wanting to be picked to be in the "special seating, or whatever." Why aren't we ever satisfied with what God has given to us? Why do we always want what someone else has? We are constantly fighting our "self." For those of you that have read The King of the Golden City you are familiar with "self" and how we need to form that self so that we can say no to it and not let it ruin our every day. How many of the families I saw were teaching their children just the opposite and giving them all that they asked for. What we need to be teaching our children is how to form themselves to not always get what they want, but to not want for things as well. It is a hard lesson for us as adults as well. It was when I finally stopped wanting and made a conscious effort to give no more mind to the temptations that my family was awarded a "move to the front of the line" pass.

We must turn to God in prayer each day and ask for help in being content with all the blessings He has in store for us. Enjoy the struggles as well as the easy times, for they are all filled with roses from Heaven!

Beginning on Monday the 27th several leaders of the Catholic Church are asking us to pray the Rosary nightly (some are even saying at 9:00 PM) for the upcoming election so that our country will elect the people who believe that EVERY life is worth living. Please pray for our country and that God will hear us all on our knees begging for His help for us all! Join all of us in prayer just as the apostles prayed for 9 days while waiting for Christ.

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