Thursday, May 24, 2012

This week's Roses...extended version.

These are the special moments from our very hectic lives over the past few weeks.  
The Roses sent to us have been amazing, although sometimes difficult.  We are traveling on an 
amazing journey together as a family.  We are grateful for every moment, rose and blessing sent from above.  We are truly on this beautiful journey to grow closer to the One who Is.  

Beautiful ballerinas at their end of year recitals.

Amazing Nature centers and guides who love to share their love with our homeschooling group.  Great friends who work so hard to set up these amazing adventures!

This is Alligator Pond.

Yep, that's a REAL LIVE alligator!  

In the exact middle of the screen, next to the reflection of the white tree, you will see the creature from the above picture.  We were pretty close.  

Sunbathing turtles.  They were pretty big.  The alligators will feast on these and other small animals in the pond.  

A tarantula was next...

Mr. Al with a corn snake on his neck.  We learned so many new things that we didn't know before about all different types of reptiles.  

The kids were able to ask any and every question they could think of.  

Love was mesmerized. He couldn't pet the snake enough.  
FYI, sweet boy, we will NEVER have one in this house.
Pickwick Society with our dearest friends.  Sewing and crafting at the park on a spring day is another amazing joy of homeschooling.

And it wouldn't be Pickwick without snacks.

Little brothers chasing geese and ducks.

More brothers and more ducks and a momma who is now snuggling that baby in her arms.
Congratulations to the V. family!  We can't wait to meet that sweet girl.

 Highschool group.  So grateful that my children have such wonderful friends.

Thanks to another great mom in our HS group, we had classes at the Houston Zoo.  I took the kids early in hopes that we would see the animals more active.  It worked. Except for the sleepy bear, we saw many active animals.  The two leopards were wrestling and playing.  It was so cute.  The zoo has a commemorative of all the Cougars who have stayed at the zoo.  We had to stop and take a picture for Daddy!

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Neen said...

What a great recap! I have missed seeing you all the past few weeks.