Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This week's roses...

Just a few of the wonderful roses that we received this week...

Blessing of a loving family!

Taking pictures on a perfect day!
(might not wear this dress again...looking a little preggo even tho I'm not) ;)

Meeting an Emperor's soldier with good buddies!

Hunting eggs with cousins!

Celebrating Easter Mass!
(and actually getting Love to smile for the picture, after!)

Helping friends who give so much of their time to help decorate the church!

Feeling the joy of decorating for such an exciting weekend!


Neen said...

I love your family. These kids are so beautiful inside and out. Thanks for being such a big part of my life since my move to Texas 10 years ago. I have grown in my faith be surrounded by friends like you.

JulieC said...

Awww, we feel the same way about you guys. We are so glad you guys moved here even though you would rather jonhjohn be colder. BTW, someone's helping me type. hee hee We can't wait to meet the newest T's!!!