Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baby Snuggles

Is there anything better? It can bring a 6 year old to tears (of joy!) It can make my 9 year old stop whatever she is doing and just be. It can melt a father's heart. How must our Father in Heaven feel whenever we stop wandering this world, to just stop and snuggle Him? I have been praying the 15 prayers of St. Bridget and sometimes it's hard to fit them in, with our busy life. But each day, I stop and spend those 20 (or so) minutes and just snuggle with Jesus. If this love we feel on earth is even just a glimpse of the love we'll feel for each other in Heaven, then lets work more towards sharing those snuggles with each other, now. I don't mean go hug everyone you meet on the street, but bring that love in a small way to each person. See Christ in EACH person. Especially the guy that honks at you, or cuts you off while you are driving. Especially that person that speeds out of the parking lot after Mass. Especially your own family all snuggled up in your loving home! God bless, and I am off for more snuggles now! It should smell a lot better now that I've changed the diaper. ;)

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