Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My aunt...

This is my aunt.  After each of my daughters were born she would come and stay with me to help me.  During each of her breaks from teaching, she would come and stay with me and help me.  We became very close and I will always treasure the time spent with her and the time my children have had with her.  When she retired from teaching, she moved close to my sister to become her nanny.  She has a heart of gold and cares so much for others.

About a year ago she moved to our area to be closer to my mom (her sister) and me. She had started struggling with memory issues and we felt it would be best.  She was unable to drive anymore and take her medications without confusion.  We found the most amazing independent living home and she moved in.  She was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment.  We love having her close and my parents and I are able to be there for her for all her dr appts. and anything else she needs.  The bond my children have has only grown closer as they now help care for her.

Almost three weeks ago she fell getting out of the shower and broke her arm.  My parents were out of town.  Hope's play was finishing it's last weekend of shows.  It was a crazy time.  We quickly realized she needed more help than I could give her alone.  We found an amazing company that has the most caring, knowledgeable, and kind caregivers to be with her every day all day and all night.  It has been the hardest time in my life.  Having to make decisions for someone who has been independent her whole life.  She taught in inner city San Francisco for over 30 years.  She has a brilliant mind and it's so hard to watch her struggle with it.  She feels so ignorant.

Being able to be there for her through this all has been such a gift to me.  It has been difficult and my children have seen me reduced to a helpless person who can only be carried by Our Lord, who has allowed this beautiful suffering to grow me.  Spiritually.  This Easter is truly one for rejoicing.  Not because all is better, and the struggles are over, but because with the struggles comes the Love and feeling it and knowing it are the reasons to sing "Alleluia" from the top of my lungs!

May you all find the joy in the times of suffering and may you all be able to sing Alleluia from the top of your lungs!

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Neen said...

Well said. Both your article and your picture are beautiful accounts of your precious aunt.